Quality control

Peptide and biochemical purity is assessed using an array of techniques including HPLC, chiral HPLC, NMR, microanalysis, high voltage electrophoresis, melting point, optical rotation, TLC, and mass spectrometry as appropriate. All data is kept on file and available for inspection on request - please contact us for details. We believe that the purity of any peptide supplied by Isca Biochemicals will match or exceed the purity of the product originally reported in the scientific literature.


Peptides purified by reversed phase HPLC or ion exchange chromatography have their purity given as the area under the curve of the major peak when analysed at a specific wavelength, usually 230nm.

Mass analysis

Mass spectroscopy analysis is performed to in order to conform the identity of the final product. A copy of the mass analysis is supplied as part of the datasheet delivered with the peptide.

Amino acid analysis

Amino acid analysis can be provided as an additional service to determine peptide composition, and can also be used to determine net peptide if required.


Microanalysis may also be provided as an additional service, and can also be used to determine net peptide content.

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