Peptide purity

Unless otherwise stated, peptides supplied by Isca Biochemicals have a purity of >95%. Purity is determined by HPLC and mass spectroscopy as standard with amino acid analysis, microanalysis or NMR also carried out if required. For any given product, minor batch variations, which have no effect on the biological properties of the material, may take place due to manufacturing processes. Details are given on the data sheet that accompanies the product and the original data will be made available on request.

Depending on the required purity and intended application, the final peptide is analysed to the extent required. Peptides are purified by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ion exchange chromatography or gel filtration techniques, with the higher specification bioscience grade peptides (>95%) subject to the most rigorous purification.  Peptides of lower specification are similarly purified to the degree required. A lower peptide specification may be more cost effective and rapid to synthesise and so may be preferred for some applications.

Net peptide content

The majority of peptides supplied by us are in freeze dried form and will contain counter ions and physically bound water as a result of cleavage from resin, hplc and drying. These counter ions have no effect on the biochemical properties of the peptide but do have the effect of reducing the mass of peptide present in a given sample, usually to >70%. This may be confirmed by further analysis.  Please consult the product data sheet for net peptide content information.

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